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Slot Machines (Skill Stop Machines)

Skill Stop Machines (AKA SLOT MACHINES)
Different Styles Based On Availability

Bells Ringing, Lights Flashing, what’s a Casino Night with our Skill Stop Machines. Select from a variety of titles. The term "skill slot" perfectly describes this style of slot machine. While it basically operates on the same principle as the Vegas type slot, it differs from those machines in two ways. Whereas in a Vegas style slot machine you pull the handle traditionally, a skill stop slot machine starts the reels spinning by moving a lever either up or down. The second distinction is in how the reels stop. The Vegas style machines roll for a period of time and then each reel stops independently and on its own accord. The skill stop machine has three buttons, one below each of the reels. The player decides when the reel stops by pressing the button corresponding to the reel, hence the term "skill stop". Skill slots are used in foreign casinos, cruise ships and game parlors all over Japan. The laws in those areas state a machine can only be used for a certain period of time and that the skill of each play determines the payout. Typically an attendant is required on most events to make change for the players.

24"L x 24"W x 30"H.

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